It all began on a dusty backwoods Tennessee road….no….wait….that is something else entirely.

The story of Phat Magnet Media is far less romantic, but no less compelling. PMM began as a discussion between two friends, and veterans of the “Internet Game”. The question tossed between these two fellows was innocently simple: “How can we employ all this great new technology to help people in business.”

Much fervent chatter, emailing, and scribbling ensued. Large scale lofty ideas were entertained, and quickly dismissed, before the simplest and most profound answer bubbled to the surface: Everyone has a story. Let’s help people tell theirs.

And so it was with that potent and distilled concept that we marched forward.

We leveraged our collective 25+ years of technology, marketing and design expertise to design, develop and deploy digital marketing campaigns that help businesses tell their stories.

And that’s our story.

We love what we do, and we’d love to help you.