Client: Island Beverage Company

Story: Island Beverage Company provides tea, and tea service, to an array of top restaurants. Their story is one part quality, one part convenience and one part profit.

They provide their customers with great tea, the equipment to properly brew the tea and a maintenance program to ensure the tea experience continues to be top quality. By managing the total tea service, the company makes it simple for its clients to serve a quality beverage, and enjoy the increased profits that come with a superior quality specialty beverage.

Island Beverage Company needed an Internet presence that reflected their story. The company needed a website that communicates the concepts of quality and ease-of-use. Their target customer, busy executive chef’s at some the regions leading restaurants, have very little time to be “sold”. They are well informed about both food and business, and they need to be confident in the fact that they are providing the best quality products for their diners.

After thorough market research and in-depth brainstorming with Island Beverage Company executives, we designed a site that elegantly illustrates the products, services and benefits of working with Island Beverage Company. In this case, we also included some testimonial information from satisfied customers to help tell the company’s story from the mouths of industry peers.

Island Beverage Company operates in a focused geographic area, so we concentrated our Search Engine Optimization strategy on promoting and attracting business to business clients within that area.

We also developed a small “leave behind” print campaign designed to drive traffic to the site.

Client: Ultimate Super Radio

Story: Ultimate Super Radio is the brain-child of radio enthusiast and Internet professional, Stephen Worden. Steve began making plans for a small AM radio station, and contacted us to help him refine his story.

We discussed his goals, passions, motivations and we helped him develop his story. What was once a “terrestrial radio” strategy became an online radio concept.

After discovering the depth of competition in this marketplace, we suggested that Ultimate Super Radio launch its initial offering as a blog. We encouraged Steve to leverage his passion, and vast knowledge on a variety of subjects, to create some awareness about his project.

We suggested that he create fans even before he went on the air.

The story of Ultimate Super Radio is essentially Steve’s own story. In order to facilitate the broadcasting of his story we created a blog to serve as the cornerstone of his ultimate goal.

Throughout the process, we also helped Steve develop his first program. Be sure to look out for “The Mobile Desk of Steve Worden” coming soon.

Update: Since launching Ultimate Super Radio, Steve has moved on to create the first community powered radio station in Newark, Delaware. The station streams online, and focuses primarily on science-related content. While we did not work on that site, we have continued to work with Steve to tell his evolving story, which now includes an FCC transmission license.

Client: Trust Fund Brigade

Story: Trust Fund Brigade a band of songwriters looking to promote their music and connect with fans. They came to us for assistance in telling their story.

The band members are anonymous. They feel that the music should speak for them. We suggested that they employ Internet technology to promote the band, and its music, by creating a Twitter account, and a blog based website. In this way, the band can present a consistent image of themselves and their music without necessarily revealing their individual identities.

We designed a site that was fitting with the band’s image, and serves as a home base. It features a sample of their music, a listing of their friends and a blog. The site also allows visitors to interact with the band through through comments, a contact portal and a link to their Twitter account.

We also helped them established their Twitter account so that they can keep fans informed about new music and news. We also recommended that they use the content of their Tweets to further establish their “voice”, thereby re-enforcing the band’s image.